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Discover Granit Snus, a brand introduced by Fiedler & Lundgren in 2004, offering high-quality, traditional snus flavors at reasonable prices. The Granit Snus lineup features a robust tobacco base, complemented by hints of citrus and pepper. Experience the potent taste and variety of formats available for Granit Snus, catering to the preferences of snus online enthusiasts.

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High Quality at Low Prices – Granit Snus

Introducing Granit Snus, a high-quality yet affordable snus brand launched by Fiedler & Lundgren in 2004. Designed for fans of traditional snus flavors, Granit Snus boasts a powerful tobacco character, infused with a hint of citrus and pepper. This low-priced snus delivers a strong snus experience in a variety of different formats without sacrificing flavor or nicotine satisfaction.

Granit Original – A Snus for the Connoisseur

Granit Original is a premium snus brand that caters to snus connoisseurs who want an affordable product without compromising on flavor or quality. With a history spanning over 200 years, Fiedler & Lundgren’s expertise in the snus industry ensures that Granit Original meets the highest standards. The brand’s success is due to their dedication to refining their techniques and staying committed to quality.

Fiedler & Lundgren – The Story of Granit Snus’ Manufacturer

Fiedler & Lundgren’s journey began in 1783 when Samuel Fiedler opened his first snus manufacturing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including the nationalization of tobacco production in 1915, Fiedler & Lundgren persevered and continued to refine their snus-making techniques. Today, based in Malmö, their team of over 90 employees works tirelessly to create a wide range of exceptional snus products, including Granit Snus.

Granit Snus – A Taste of Tradition

Granit Snus, available in Portion, White Portion, and Loose formats, has quickly become one of the most popular snus brands in Sweden. Known for its pure taste and clear tobacco flavor, Granit also offers Strong options with higher nicotine content. Fiedler & Lundgren’s commitment to using the highest growing leaves on the tobacco plant contributes to Granit’s characteristic flavor.

The Granit Snus Legacy – Snus Shop and Snus USA

With centuries of snus history behind it, Granit Snus offers a powerful, traditional, and pure tobacco experience. As a popular choice for snus enthusiasts searching for cheap snus or the cheapest snus online, Granit Snus delivers exceptional quality and taste without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a seasoned snus connoisseur or new to the world of snus, explore Granit Snus and experience the rich legacy of Fiedler & Lundgren’s craftsmanship.