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ONE BLÅ (Blue) White Portion Snus


ONE BLÅ (Blue) White Portion is inspired by Göteborgs Rapé and tastes like Swedish woods’ juniper berries with a spicy tobacco flavor and hints of  citrus.  It has the signature, sheer portion material characteristic of the ONE series and gets you as close as any portion with ever get you to the snus.


ONE BLÅ (Blue) White Portion is part of the ONE series from Swedish match.  All in all there are six ONE varieties.  Two of them, ONE Black and ONE white are inspired by General and the other four, ONE Blue, ONE Yellow, ONE Red and ONE Green are inspired by Göteborgs Rapé and are reminiscent of the Swedish woods and all their goodies. ONE Blue’s sweet and sour taste of juniper berries and lavender combine quite beautifully and give this Göteborgs Rapé inspired snus its original taste.  Hints of black pepper can also be picked up along with the light and spicy tobacco flavor in this one of a kind snus. ONE BLÅ (Blue) has a complex flavor profile and combines the delicious taste of forest berries with the element of citrus and wood.  Like all ONE varieties, ONE Blue has a strong nicotine content and sports a visibly thinner, sheer portion material that gets you as close to the tobacco as ever before .  The result is a powerful taste experience with an immediate flavor and nicotine release.  The ONE line essentially gives you more of everything: more tobacco, more taste, more nicotine.  Get ONE Blue today and experience a revolution in great quality snus!