Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Slim 13g


Experience the intense freshness of Oden’s Double Mint Extreme White Dry Snus. An ultra-strong nicotine kick, coupled with a refreshing mint-menthol combination and a long-lasting flavor release. This slim, dry portion snus is crafted for the ultimate tobacco experience.

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15 Pouches
22 mg/g Nicotine
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Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Slim Details

Brand : Odens
Nicotine content : 22 mg/g
Type : White Dry portion
Portion size : Slim
Flavor : Mint Menthol
Strength : Extreme


Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Slim description

Oden’s Snus

Unleash the power of Oden’s Snus, a prominent brand in the snus market, renowned for its intense nicotine content and extraordinary taste profiles. The company, GN Tobacco, has developed a range of products that have become firm favourites among tobacco enthusiasts in the UK and beyond.

The Oden’s Extreme Range

Among the popular offerings from Oden’s is the Extreme range. Oden’s Extreme products, such as Oden’s Extreme White Dry and Oden’s Extreme White Dry Slim, deliver an incredible burst of nicotine, satisfying even the most experienced snus users. This range is known for its compelling flavours, strong nicotine content, and long-lasting satisfaction.

The Freshness of Oden’s Double Mint

Oden’s Double Mint Extreme Portion brings a unique experience to the table. The product is loaded with mentholated peppermint, offering a fresh, minty sensation comparable to a breath of cold winter air. Not only does it keep your mouth feeling fresh throughout the day, but it also presents an earthy and subtle tobacco flavour that complements the mint oils.

The taste profile of Oden’s Extreme White Dry Slim is a delightful revelation. The menthol flavour takes centre stage, ahead of the peppermint. This mild yet pleasant taste, combined with the quick and lasting nicotine hit, ensures a satisfying snus experience that lasts up to 2 hours.

The Oden’s Slim Experience

For those seeking discretion without compromising strength or flavour, Oden’s Slim range is the perfect choice. Products like Oden’s Slim Double Mint Extreme White Dry offer the same nicotine content as regular portions but in a more compact, discreet format. This product maintains the intense minty flavour and nicotine strength that Oden’s Snus is celebrated for.

The recent surge in popularity of slim portions has prompted GN Tobacco to launch their own slim portion products. The Oden’s Extreme White Dry range now includes slim portion offerings in several flavours, including Cold, Wintergreen, and Double Mint. These products boast a clear peppermint flavour, a hint of menthol, and a cooling sensation that lingers thanks to the dryness of the portion.

Oden’s Slim portions have a unique advantage – they are both slim and long. This design allows for a more discreet and comfortable fit under the lip compared to regular pouches. Despite their slimness, they do not compromise on the quality of the snus or the intensity of the flavours and nicotine content.

Long-lasting Satisfaction with Oden’s White Dry

Oden’s White Dry products offer an even longer-lasting experience than regular white portions. The manufacturing process leaves the pouches dryer, resulting in less drip and a slow, even release of flavour and nicotine. The Oden’s Extreme White Dry Slim is a perfect example of this, delivering a robust peppermint taste and a high nicotine content in a less moist pouch.

A Closer Look at Oden’s Extreme White Dry Slim

Upon opening a can of Oden’s Extreme White Dry Slim, you’re greeted with a strong menthol aroma, complemented by a subtle peppermint undertone. Despite the ‘white dry’ label, these slim portions are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. The nicotine hit is quick and enduring, often lasting up to 1.5 to 2 hours. This, coupled with the delightful menthol and peppermint flavours, makes for a highly satisfying snus experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned snus user or just starting out, the Oden’s range offers a diverse selection of products to satisfy your cravings. With its intense nicotine content, refreshing flavours, and innovative product design, Oden’s Snus is truly a force to be reckoned with in the tobacco market.

The Distinctive Can Design

A factor that sets Oden’s Snus apart is the distinctive can design. Every product in the Oden’s Extreme White Dry Slim range features Viking-inspired artwork that adds to the overall appeal. The cans aren’t just containers for the snus portions; they represent a commitment to quality and a respect for heritage.

The Endurance Factor of Oden’s Snus

Oden’s Snus products, particularly the white dry varieties, are known for their impressive endurance factor. The snus portions release the flavour and nicotine slowly and evenly over a long duration. This makes Oden’s Snus not just a product, but an experience to savour.

In summary, the Oden’s Snus range, especially the Oden’s Extreme White Dry and Oden’s Slim Double Mint Extreme White Dry, offers an intense, long-lasting snus experience. From the distinct can design to the unique taste profile and enduring satisfaction, Oden’s Snus is truly a world-class product in the tobacco market.



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