Shiro Fresh Mint Tobacco-Free Slim Portion

Shiro Fresh Mint has a full flavour of mint, sweetness from peppermint and freshness from spearmint.
The all white slim pouches contain nicotine, but no tobacco at all.

10 mg/g
5.89 5.89 € per can (you save 0 €)


Shiro Fresh Mint all white nicotine pouches have the subtle sweetness of spearmint and a hint of menthol freshness. The mint nicotine flavor in these nicotine pouches leaves a cool sting under the lip without overpowering your nicotine experience with the taste of strong mint. It has a balanced minty flavor of spearmint and peppermint. Shiro All White Slim nicotine pouches are made from pure plant fibers. They contain chemical nicotine and are completely tobacco free. A Nicotine pouch is a great way to quit tobacco and still get your nicotine effect, minus the tobacco. Shiro Fresh Mint has a delicious mint flavor and regular strength nicotine. You can expect a long lasting, efficient release of both thanks to the white dry fibers making up the slim mint pouches in a discreet format for that indiscernible look and a great feeling under the lip. Shiro All White Slim Nicotine Pouches have a natural underlying sweetness and are available in seven original flavors: Sweet Mint, Cool Mint, True North, Pina Colada,Virginia Classic, Mojito and Cuba Libre.