Knox Purple White Portion


Experience the distinct blend of licorice and black currant in Knox Karaktär Purple White. Available online for USA, UK and global snus enthusiasts. Don’t miss this unique taste sensation – order your snus online today!

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12 mg/g Nicotine
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Knox Purple White Portion Details

Brand : Knox
Nicotine content : 12 mg/g
Type : White Portion
Portion size : Regular
Flavor : licorice and black currant
Strength : Medium

Knox Snus, created by Skruf in 2006, has quickly become Sweden’s second largest snus brand. Known for its high quality and affordability, Knox Snus offers a robust and authentic tobacco flavor. The brand boasts a diverse range of options, including Loose, Portion, White Portion, Strong Portion, Blue White, and Strong White, with the latter two also available in a slim size. Each variety offers a unique experience, with differing humidity levels to suit individual preferences. Knox Snus, a proud creation of Skruf, is celebrated for its distinctive flavors and quality, making it a must-try for any snus connoisseur.

A Dance of Flavors: Licorice Meets Blackcurrant

Opening a tin of Knox Karaktär Purple White immediately greets your senses with a compelling blend of classic tobacco, accompanied by the enticing notes of licorice and black currant. Indeed, this snus is a treasure for the adventurous spirits who dare to explore beyond the traditional.

As soon as you taste it, licorice announces its presence. It enfolds your taste buds with its distinctive, rich sweetness, a complex flavor sourced naturally from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. It’s not just a superficial addition; instead, it intertwines artfully with the robust base of traditional tobacco. Consequently, this synergy brings a nuanced earthy depth and a full-bodied richness, hallmark qualities of Knox snus, to the forefront. Ultimately, this fusion of flavors extends an invitation to a unique taste journey, taking the snus experience to an entirely new level.

As your senses continue their journey through this exciting flavor profile, a zesty twist awaits. The black currant, a tart berry recognized for its vibrant, deep purple hue and distinctively tangy flavor, makes its entrance. Its inclusion in the mix provides a much-welcomed counterpoint to the licorice’s sweetness, offering a hint of tartness that enlivens the overall taste experience. This clever combination of flavors creates a multidimensional tasting adventure, where the sweet, earthy, and tangy dance harmoniously on your palate, forming an unforgettable snus experience.

Knox Purple White: A Nicotine Kick to Remember

Every portion of Knox Karaktär Purple White Snus delivers a medium-strong nicotine punch, measuring in at 10mg per portion or 12mg/g. This nicotine strength is perfect for both the experienced snus connoisseur and the novice eager to explore the world of snus. Its impact is smooth and gradual, making for an invigorating snus session.

White Portion: Clean and Lasting

Our Knox Karaktär Purple White comes in a white portion format. These pouches are carefully crafted. They reduce drip and prolong the release of flavor and nicotine. Wondering how long does snus last? Each portion promises an enjoyable, mess-free experience. It lasts up to 45 minutes. Plus, the white portions are less likely to stain your teeth. This is another reason to love Knox white. Try it and enjoy the lasting satisfaction.

What the Snus Community Says

The verdict from our fellow snus enthusiasts? They’re loving Knox Karaktär Purple White. Many were keen to try this flavor, lured by the tantalizing combo of licorice and black currant. The consensus is that it delivers a licorice-forward taste profile, harmoniously balanced with a hint of black currant sweetness.

In terms of portion comfort, the reviews have been glowing.The snus portions, plump, semi-soft, and semi-moist, nestle comfortably under your lip. Moreover, they hit the spot with their nicotine content, delivering a consistent, regular strength level that snus users appreciate.

Buy Snus Online

The advent of the digital age has made it effortlessly simple to buy snus online. Regardless of your geographical location, be it the USA, the UK, or anywhere else across the globe, experiencing the enticing mix of licorice and black currant in Knox Karaktär Purple White has never been more accessible.

The internet has opened up a world of snus varieties right at your fingertips, with Knox Karaktär Purple White standing out as a must-try. Imagine the convenience of sitting in your living room, office, or even during a lunch break, scrolling through an online snus store, reading reviews, checking product descriptions, and selecting your preferred snus variant. In a matter of clicks, your order is placed and your wait for the delivery begins.

Now, consider this – you’re just a few keystrokes and clicks away from this unique blend. Knox Karaktär Purple White, with its distinctive play of licorice’s deep sweetness and the vibrant tartness of black currant, offers an unparalleled snus experience that you shouldn’t let pass you by.

Expand your snus universe today. Whether you’re an experienced user looking to switch things up or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of snus, Knox Karaktär Purple White is a phenomenal addition to your rotation. Buy snus online, take the leap, and let your palate embark on a truly delightful journey. Don’t miss out – order your Knox Karaktär Purple White online today!



Tobacco (nicotine), water, acidity regulator (E500), salt, humectant (E1520), aromas.

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